"Aware But Not Focused"

By, Lorraine Ezell

“Keep looking straight ahead, without turning aside. ” Proverbs 4:25 (CEV)


Do you want to walk in victory, peace and joy?  It is possible.  How does it happen?  Let me ask you some more questions.  Where are you focused this morning?  Are you focused on your problems or on the Lord?  The Bible says that we aren’t ignorant of satan’s devices.  We know that he goes about like a roaring lion seeking whom he may devour, and he is out to devour us.  So we are aware that he is trying to steal, kill and destroy, and he is trying to do it through many different avenues.  The thing to remember and the key to walking in victory, peace and joy is… be aware of what he is doing, but don’t be focused on it.

David was aware that Goliath was bigger, stronger and a better warrior than he was, but David wasn’t focused on Goliath… he was focused on God.  “This day will the Lord deliver thee into mine hand; and I will smite thee.” (1 Samuel 17:46a)  Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego were aware of the fiery flames that were burning around them, but they weren’t focused on the furnace, they were focused on God.  (Daniel 3)  Daniel was aware of the hungry lions that were surrounding him in the pit, but he was focused on God instead of on the lions.  Because they stayed focused on God in the midst of their trials, these men were victorious, at peace and full of joy. 

One sure way to lose your victory, peace and joy is by focusing on the problem, situation, mountain, trial, etc.  The children of Israel lost the victory and wound up wandering around in the wilderness for forty years because they focused on the problem instead of on the Lord.  When the spies went into the land, they focused on the size of the inhabitants and their inabilities instead of focusing on God, therefore they were defeated. (Numbers 13)  They lost it all- victory, peace, joy, the blessings, their inheritance- they died having never received what the Lord had provided for them, all because they got their focus off of God and on the situation.


You need to be “aware” of the enemy, but you have to remain “focused” on the Lord.  You have to set your face like a flint toward Him; you have to look to the hills where your help comes from; you have to keep focused on Him like a target that you are aiming to hit; you cannot turn from looking at Him.  You can’t focus on two objects or in two different directions at the same time- it’s impossible.  You can’t be focused on God and on the problem.  The problem will try to turn your attention from focusing on the Lord and focusing on it, but don’t let it. 

Keep looking at Him and don’t turn aside. 


Have a great day…

To be victorious– stay focused on God. 

To be defeated— focus on the problem.  

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